Digital displays

Digital displays, or also digital monitors, are being used in retail increasingly for POS Marketing. They have several advantages compared with classic POS advertising media such as promotional placards and posters. On the one hand, the advertising space of digital displays can be used repeatedly because simply by changing the digital posters, significantly more products can be promoted, and advertising messages communicated.

On the other hand, previously static posters can be brought to life on digital displays with animations, so that they become an eye-catcher for your customers. But most importantly, they provide an entry into the modern world of entertainment at the POS and, more than ever, make it possible to stage a shopping experience.  A successful trend which has already captured the retail world. Using digital displays you can design advertising in such a way that it is accepted by the customer – often subconsciously. You can target your advertising and run programs for a specific target group only if the latter is also in the store. The PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage software offers many tools to make your advertising programs on digital displays interesting and attention-grabbing, with sensible/useful/practical distribution among the different divisions.

The application areas of digital signage are diverse. Besides purely for customer information, digital signage is also used for entertainment in waiting areas, and of course also for promotional purposes. By now you will find digital price and advertising communication in an intelligent mix customised to products and customers, consisting of up-to-date information, news and entertainment in all areas of daily life, e.g. in shops, supermarkets, hardware and furniture stores, pharmacies, banks, museums, bars and gas stations.