Digital Signage Display

Because the prices of monitors have been decreasing over a number of years the number of digital signage display installations have been increasing noticeably. Whether it is in the shopping centre, at the tourist information or in the supermarket: customers are being addressed increasingly by monitors at the point-of-sale (POS). Here, the display solutions for Instore TV are diverse. Whether it is a single screen or a video wall, information terminal or multi-branch system, besides the hardware they all require driver software, too. With PRESTIGEenterprise, the standard software for print and digital solutions, all the possibilities for digital signage display solutions are available to you.

The simplest solution, which is also installed most frequently, consists of single large-scale screens (42 to 52 inch). The choice of the size of the monitor should depend on where the monitor is to be mounted. At a place where customers pass close-by, or with some distance from the observer e.g. behind a counter or in the cashier area. The following basic principle that applies is that larger the monitor, the easier it is to read the information and the more visible it is. Nevertheless, digital signage display solutions should blend optically into the store layout and not cause a break in the design. Of course digital signage display solutions directly in the shelf can also assist with the presentation of products requiring intensive consultation. Here, a small (19-22 inch), non-intrusive screen can suffice. 

With PRESTIGEenterprise you can offer your customer background data regarding specific products with the aid of a touchscreen that can be called-up autonomously beyond single-sided information and entertainment.

Another important aspect of digital signage display solutions is image-building which can be done with brand videos, company information and appealing films. Memorable staging turning shopping into an unforgettable experience can be equally evoked by breath-taking nature scenes as well as thrilling Formal 1 recordings.