Digital Signage Software

Digital signage describes the commercial use of digital media content such as electronic posters, electronic traffic signs, advertising in stores (Instore Marketing), digital door signage or large image projections for advertising and information systems.  Digital signage software to manage and distribute the information, texts, pictures and videos is required to make use of these applications.

Digital signage software should be intuitive and easy to use, so that the program can be used by different persons. This is even more important for smaller companies with fewer branches or monitors. Because in this case the compilation of the program is part of the many everyday routine tasks in retail, with little time for a long learning-curve/time-consuming training. The PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage software offers you precisely these features together with many intelligent tools. 

When choosing digital signage software one should especially be clear about one’s own advertising concept. Which content do you wish to show, do you advertise with a succession of digital posters or do you blend in videos? Do you want to entertain your customers with up-to-date news via an RSS-Feed? Not all Digital Signage Software can supply web content to monitors. With PRESTIGEenterprise you can compile your media content yourself, create digital posters on your own and upload completed pictures, films and flash animations, distribute these among output media and then display them in a time-controlled manner. The strength of PRESTIGEenterprise lies in your diversity. With the right digital signage software, digital POS Marketing becomes an attractive attention getter for the eyes of your customers and ensures interest in the counter, lounge or sales area.