Multichannel Marketing

The term multichannel marketing implies the use of several distribution channels to approach customers, that is, the goal of reaching various customer groups through different distribution channels. Multichannel marketing therefore means to retail, the distribution of products and services via many stationary or non-stationary channels. These channels are linked with each other, with the objective of creating positive interactions for the entire company. Multichannel marketing is applied mainly to end-consumer markets. The simultaneous parallel use of different distribution channels for multichannel marketing supports retailers in integrating new, innovative communication channels and thus promoting customer loyalty. 

Two thirds of German consumers first inform themselves online before deciding on a purchase – with the help of search engines, portals, product- and price-comparison sites. Valuable customer potential which the internet retailer is simply giving away. The multi-optional consumer longs for a multichannel marketing approach. Only in this manner can one collect customers outside of the stationary store, accompany them to the branch, and then approach them actively in the store as part of the framework of multichannel marketing campaigns. Because customers are using the channels not as alternatives, but in parallel.

Because more people are using the internet via their mobile device, mobile communication is also becoming increasingly important. Investment in multichannel marketing tools, such as apps (Link zum AppBaukasten) is increasing. The mobile market is playing an increasingly important role in multichannel marketing – especially for retailers. The consumer’s behaviour in society is changing, in accordance, app and tablet solutions are making their entry in multichannel marketing.  The PRESTIGEenterprise software supports your multichannel marketing on many channels. It makes it possible for the stationary trade to link the online- and the real world professionally with each other and specialises on the daily job requirements in retail.