Multichannel Retail

Classic stationary retail is confronted with a new challenge, multichannel retail. Not only does the online trade present ever growing competition. Online marketing is increasingly opening new stores in the cities of the real world. No short-term trend hides behind the development of multi-channel retail, but the insight that there is a surprising large amount of potential for sales to be found by linking various sales channels. Multichannel retail is the magic word for the future retail. For this, the shopping experience needs to be re-interpreted. On the one side, the sensual presence of products is luring the customer to touch and try out. On the other side lurk the fascinating possibilities of monitors, information terminals, internet and mobile smartphones. These offer a brand new way of staging products excitingly, making them desirable and worth buying, and introducing completely new services to the sales process. The model for success in retail of the future lies in the synthesis of the two worlds, the digital and the real world – in multichannel retail – beyond a development where only the lowest price counts.      

The marketing technical approaches and technical solutions in multichannel retail are different, but there is a commonality. Efficient multichannel retail with effective cross-media communication can only work if professional software drives all the processes. The market-leading software for multichannel retail is PRESTIGEenterprise, a web-based corporate solution for chain stores. PRESTIGEenterprise makes it possible to link-up with existing internal processes, for example, merchandising systems or marketing databases via standard interfaces. Software suitable for communication in the sense of multichannel retail should be able to adjust to the existing IT environment and be able to organise the entire content and distribution management efficiently. The correct software is ultimately decisive for successful multichannel retail at the point-of-sale.