POS advertising

The POS is the place with the greatest power for brand building. This is where the customer is in direct contact with the product. And this is precisely where POS advertising is positioned: triggering in humans that last decisive buying impulse, supporting brand image and providing a measurable increase in sales. Assorted and tidy shelves by themselves are not enough to make a store attractive. Only sales-promotional measures turn shopping into an experience and stores into a shopping world. POS advertising provides not only orientation for customers, but also makes it easier for them to make buying decisions. Surveys have revealed that the consumer is longing for simplification and confirmation. 

And the consumer wants to feel at home in his store. POS advertising works! 70 per cent of all buying decisions are made in the store – the optimum starting point for POS advertising. The PRESTIGE standard software for multi-format printing and digital signage solutions makes the most of your POS advertising. Do you want to simply design and print offer posters yourself? PRESTIGE templates make homogeneous POS advertising possible. Do you want to compile a new advertising program for your customer monitors? With PRESTIGEenterprise you can even do this from the office, from home or mobile, wherever you are at that point in time. POS advertising has never been easier!

Design your posters with sales-promotional pictures and logos and increase the value of your Instore TV advertising with animated picture videos, in this way you will get the maximum out of your price and advertising communication. With PRESTIGE you can make use of more than 1,000 high-resolution pictures and graphics on various topics. This makes it possible for you to easily design and customise posters for your customers. Printed or on sales-boosting digital displays.