Retailer TV

Retailer TV is modern sales promotion for your turnover. Steaming bread rolls, a juicy steak, fizzy refreshing drinks – advertising with moving picture elicits a desire in the store and at the counter which one as a consumer can hardly resist. Studies have proven an increase of up to 33% in sales at the point-of-sale! 

Retailer TV with PRESTIGEenterprise offers interesting concepts to chain stores, co-operatives, associations and franchisers, as well as retail outlets.  Ranging from fully autonomous program compilation to the all-inclusive package for retailer TV, everything is possible with the flexible PRESTIGEenterprise digital signage software. Grab the opportunity and turn your sales points into real bestsellers! The topics for your retailer TV are numerous. In the morning, the breakfast coffee, in the evening the dinner rolls. In Cologne, the weather predictions for the beer garden, in Stuttgart the cultural highlights for the weekend. Besides the general moving advertising messages you can insert sprinkles of customised, time-driven information for different regions and specific branch types with the PRESTIGEenterprise retailer TV tool. You can take advantage of the all-inclusive package with no need to worry about anything, or lend a hand yourself. With PRESTIGEenterprise, the responsible regional branch managers can include themselves in the script of the retailer TV. Local specific content is compiled quickly and inserted in a pre-configured design frame. Suitable pictures and films loosen simple offering information.    

Present the delicacies that your kitchen has on offer. Or drive activities such as Happy Hour, present tips for functions or introduce your team. Even the best counter presentation and the most beautiful poster cannot be as delectable. With appealing product photos of juicy steaks, grilled skewers or a crispy fried duck, your customer will quickly be on your side and waiting in your shop becomes entertaining with retailer TV. In this way, retailer TV is not only an eye-catcher and image medium, but a real sales-boosting talent.