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EuroCIS 2016: PRESTIGE Solution Campus presents solutions for the complete spectrum of POS media

Online Software AG will for the first time present the newest version 5.0 of PRESTIGEenterprise, its market-leading software for price and ad communication.

Weinheim, February 23, 2016 +++ In the PRESTIGE Solution Campus Online Software will exhibit the most modern communication solutions based on PRESTIGenterprise together with its partners, Ciber, NEXGEN smart instore, OKI Systems, Reditune, Revionics, Samsung Electronics, SAP and tradesolutions.

PRESTIGEenterprise 5.0 – The first presentation of the new version

The newest software generation, PRESTIGEenterprise 5.0, will arrive on the market in April and will be introduced for the first time at EuroCIS 2016. The new version delivers, in addition to the standard programming interface for quick implementation of smaller, simpler Apps for professional content management, a completely redesigned template designer to the marketplace. The template designer is based on HTML5 technology and allows for the simple layout of templates for print and display media. As always the new 5.0 version of PRESTIGEenterprise is enhanced for integrations capability, process optimization and automation, to best support retail organisations with the always more comprehensive price and ad communications at the POS.

Book of Apps – The API that makes everything simple

At last! Digital POS media has become simple. A standardised programming interface (API-Application Programming Interface) from the new software generation PRESTIGEenterprise 5.0 enables the quick implementation of small, simple apps that make professional content management on the spot possible. Previously a considerable amount of expertise was necessary for the professional implementation of digital POS media to optimally deploy all the functionality of a modern POS marketing software. The programming interface provides direct access to the data and functions of PRESTIGEenterprise, which can then be used to create one’s own, individual applications with customer-specific user interfaces. 

Employee TV – The digital bulletin board

Your bulletin board is small, unclear and not up to date? Try it digitally! Important information can be played back in a general playlist. During breaks, before or after hours colleagues and employees can interrupt the general playlist and extensively inform themselves about matters relevant for them. The contextual control can be managed with PRESTIGEenterprise as accustomed.

The digital shelf – unlimited assortment in the same sales space

Digital shelves provide the ability of offering a very extensive assortment even in limited sales space. Products can be perfectly staged here together with text and images, as well as ad spots and animations. Customers can request further information about a product with the touchscreen of large displays. If a purchase decision is made, the product can also be picked up at a different store or directly delivered to the customer’s home. The perfect connection of online and stationery retail.

Mobile product advisor – communication with the tablet

Customer service via tablet conveys modern customer orientation. The ability to access websites and online shops with a mobile device is an important step on the way to a modern, forward looking omnichannel strategy. 

Ready to heat – usage examples for beacon technology

Every shopper can be accommodated with individual information with the PRESTIGEenterprise solution for smartwatches, with the assistance of beacons. Customers can, for example, receive the “recipe of the week” including the ingredients list in the entrance area in this manner. These ingredient lists can be retrieved at respective beacon-marked product groups, and the lists can be edited. With a single click the recipes can be sent home where video with preparation instructions appears. All this is based on the information available in central PRESTIGEenterprise system – a further step in the customization of POS advertising – POS advertising to go!

Multiformat print for the pocket

Poster replacement in the store space is now completely simple and visually appealing. The poster pockets from addcube make image changes possible with just a few, simple hand movements. Simply select the poster from the poster folder in PRESTIGEenterprise, print it on the store printer or order it from the print shop, and place it in the poster pocket made of transparent plastic. The poster is mounted using a magnet system. The pocket can be opened without any assistance. The poster pocket format can be fitted according to supplied requirements, so that special formats are feasible in addition to DIN formats. The poster pocket solution is perfectly supported by the OKI Pro9542. This print system wonderfully possesses the capability of special formats for graphic digital print in addition to DIN formats, and offers excellent print quality, high print speed, low print and maintenance costs as well as outstanding media flexibility. In addition, the printer is convincing with the unique ability to print in white with a fifth color, and accomplish this on laminated sheets or color paper using the full color spectrum and luminous colors with white under print. 

Promotion ideas for cash register and scale displays

Waiting times occur at every cash register for various reasons. At such times customers are grateful for entertainment and are receptive of information. Screens in the checkout areas are therefore perfect advertising messengers, whether on the rear panels, directly on the customer-side cash registers or at the cash tray. Image advertisements, offers for the next week or general tips: customer-facing screens at the cash register offer “infotainment” and sales promotions of the extra class, shortening the perceived waiting time. Discover the possibilities of advertisement at the register at the PRESTIGE Solution Campus.

Counter TV is trending, since it’s proven itself. Not infrequently do waiting lines occur at the fresh food counter and awaiting customers are grateful for a little “infotainment”. Service personnel can also use scales for more than just weighing, since a large amount of additional product information can be retrieved with the LiveInfo module. At the PRESTIGE Solution Campus Online Software, together with partner, is exhibiting ideas for counter TV on screens and double screen scales for Windows and Linux, and is presenting a new cheese database in cooperation with BrandLogistics.NET and KäseWeb.

Instore TV with a twist in daylight 

The appropriate playlist for a sound byte - Online Software AG presents the synchronisation of Instore radio and Instore TV together with the Austrian company Reditune at the PRESTIGE Solution Campus. 

Instore TV has occupied store spaces for years in various formats – from small 32” screens to 82” large format displays. The daylight screen OMOM46D-WLED from Samsung displays dynamic sales messages with excellent visibility. With reliable continuous operation under various external conditions, advertising contents are immediately visible to the eye in optimal brightness and with excellent cost efficiency.

Electronic shelf labels – ESL solutions in red

At the PRESTIGE Solution Campus the newest technology generation of ESL’s will be displayed, which make the presentation of photos, images and manufacturer logos on high resolution LCD displays in black and red possible. The connection of PRESTIGEenterprise on the merchandise management system guarantees that by the dynamic pricing on the electronic shelf labels, the displayed price on the shelf is synchronized with the price at the cash register. The ESL’s can be very simply managed with PRESTIGEenterprise, and the ad contents distributed to the electronic shelf labels.

About Online Software AG

Online Software AG is an innovative software vendor with an emphasis on the development of solutions for wholesale and retail. The medium-sized company locate in Weinheim on the Bergstrasse has supported the retail market for over 25 years with software solutions for professional store advertising and is with over 35,000 installations in 35 countries the market leader in the area of media comprehensive Instore communications and sales promotion. With the software PRESTIGEenterprise Online Software offers a communications platform for customer contact at the POS, that encompasses classic media as well as digital output media. In this manner the multiple award-winning software constitutes the perfect basis for an integrated communications concept by including posters and labels as well as large format displays, video walls, cash register and scale screens, kiosk systems, digital shelves and electronic shelf labels (ESL), to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and MDE’s.

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