Online Software AG offers two software retail solution products. The first is the desktop-based program PRESTIGE, used primarily to create multi-format prints based on templates and to distribute them to many different printers – even across branches. The second is the web-based program PRESTIGEenterprise, which, alongside the well-known multi-format printing functions, can also be used for digital signage purposes, i.e. on-screen advertising. PRESTIGEenterprise makes it possible to distribute digital advertising messages on small and large screens, information terminals, touchscreens, video walls and even smartphones.

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Standard software for POS marketing

PRESTIGE is Europe's market-leading software solution for price and advertising communication at the POS.

PRESTIGE makes most classic pricing effective in-store marketing.

Easy and ready to go - your marketing solution for all multi-format prints that you use at the POS.

  • Desktop solution with ERP connectivity
  • Maintained centrally, automatically updated
  • Appealing Image Awards Posters
  • Clear labels
  • Eye-catching shelf talkers
  • Displays, gondola end and ceiling hanger

Easy and fast, saving you the time for other projects.

Product brochure: PRESTIGE (PDF)

The Web-based enterprise solution for branch organizations

Tap into the world of multimedia communications and break the framework of fixed installations.

  • Web-based
  • Informative with Mutiformatdruck
  • Entertaining on screens and video walls
  • On Interactive Information Kiosk Terminals
  • Promotes sales on cash balances and screens
  • Modern mobile marketing (smart phones / tablet PC / MDE)

Surprise your customers with new and innovative services.

Product brochure: PRESTIGEenterprise (PDF)