Poster printing software for trading

PRESTIGE offers an ideal introduction to professional branch marketing. The market-leading standard software for price and advertising communications, with more than 35,000 installations in over 20 languages ​​in wholesale and retail in use.

With PRESTIGE make of classic pricing effective in-store marketing.

PRESTIGE is ideal for:

  • Posters DIN A5 to DIN A0
  • Price labels in special formats
  • Shelf labels
  • Shelf stopper
  • Danglers
  • Posters for stands
Wormland poster printing

Here are two examples

Multiformat printing

Simple layout design, automatic output in any format from the shelf label to large poster. The output of your data is available on various printers. Whether desktop printer or large format printer. You have many options for your daily work.

Integration with your Merchandise System

Can be fully integrated into back-office processes, e.g. central marketing databases or ERP systems (e.g. CSB system, DEWAS III, EBUSwin, MHS/ECORO or SAP Retail).

Flexibility for the Head Office and Branch Locations

Templates, content and pictures can be provided centrally and distributed to branches by FTP or Intranet, or downloaded by the branch locations on demand.

Complete automation

All steps, from data import to print and/or output on electronic displays can be fully automated. This facilitates automation of many tasks and makes you work much easier.