Wormland poster printing

Advertising must be fast and simple

PRESTIGE is completely integrated into the daily routine of a retail branch location. The intuitive interface and the templates in appropriate trade-layout enable the user to quickly and easily create both regular weekly ad messages and short-term promotional campaign advertisements.

From Template to Advertisement

Screenshot PRESTIGEenterprise

PRESTIGE creates shelf labels, shelf stoppers, posters and large-size posters up to size DIN A0, with different fonts, static or dynamic graphics, pictures in different graphic formats such as JPEG, PNG or BMP and diverse barcode types.

Additionally, video formats such as AVI, WMV or MPEG using standard codecs with or without sound are supported for digital media.

Central control of local content

PRESTIGE provides special functionality for exporting predefined formats and templates in order to control the appearance of advertising medium from the main office. Branch locations may receive these data either automatically or on call

Integration with Merchandise Management Systems Connection

PRESTIGE provides predefined interfaces to standard merchandise management systems such as SAP Retail, EBUS/EBUSWin, Dewas II/III or WINCWS.


Make it easy for customers to read product labels and your employees to create the posters. By linking the text boxes to each category and the predefinition of features for the category you save time and avoid errors.

Graphic prices

With the graphical prices in PRESTIGE you bring life and excitement to your posters. A real eye-catcher.

Extended graficfunctions

  • Precise positioning and proper alignment of text and images. Enter a location and dimensions with millimeter precision over the keyboard.
  • Continuously rotate graphics
  • Place Cropped photos without a white background on a colored surface
  • Multiple objects larger groups / shrink / move.

Controlling and Management of your printer

Use your entire article database and provide all product information for your print out across systems with the help of the print container. You can make short-term changes of you data and print your advertising posters as usual.

Plenty of space for additional information

You need to inform your customers with comprehensive, for example, about ingredients of packaged fresh products? PRESTIGE offers plenty of room for it. Place multiple text fields each with up to 2000 characters.

EAN/G TIN - Searching

When entering the EAN code PRESTIGE automatically loads the appropriate product image (eg from BrandLogistics® or from your own graphic library). New placards and labels can be created quickly. Instead of entering the EAN code manually, you can scan it directly on the shelf and pass it on PRESTIGE. PRESTIGE recognizes all standard EAN codes to EAN-14 (GTIN-14).