Modules & Functions

PRESTIGEenterprise provides you with a software solution for all POS media in your branch. You can use PRESTIGEenterprise to administer all your price and advertising communication for printing and digital media, from shelf labels to large posters, from displays for scales to large screens.

With PRESTIGEenterprise you can straightforwardly integrate product text, prices, images, graphics, logos and videos into your advertising. A connection to inventory management ensures process optimisation during day-to-day use. You can also manage your transmission schedule centrally and authorise local changes. As managed by you, all advertising messages will be made available to your branches on a central server.

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Icon Api

Direct access to PRESTIGEenterprise data and functions is possible with the programming interface (API - Application Program Interface). This data can be provided to third party providers, for example to create their own Web applications with customer-specific user interfaces. In this manner targeted, individual workflows or features can be singled out to allow store employees the ability to simply and efficiently implement local advertisements.

HTML 5 DisplayEngine

Icon HTML5 Display Engine

The DisplayEngine H5 is an HTML5 and JavaScript based Web application that is able to display contents online and offline in an HTML5 capable Web browser with PRESTIGEenterprise 4.0. Current browsers such as Google Chrome and Chromium are among those supported. PRESTIGEenterprise 4.0, with the DisplayEngine H5, gives users the freedom to choose between Windows, Linux and Android as their end devices. Screens with the new DisplayEngine H5 and those with the current DisplayEngine V5 can be used in parallel without issues. An update is not necessary.

Playlist Mixer

Icon Playlist mixer

The DisplayEngine can be configured to play back more than just one playlist. This makes planning a whole lot easier since playlists with completely different planned playing times are now automatically played one after another. So if playlist A is active from Monday through Saturday and playlist B is only active on Friday and Saturday afternoons, then on Friday afternoon playlists A and B are automatically played one after the other and from Monday n it automatically switches back to just playlist A. The Playlist Mixer function also supports ecurring items so that additional playlists, e.g. with evening offers, can be added to the ongoing laylists. In addition, one can easily obtain a summary with the new graphic program overview.


Icon: Sprachen Slowakisch

With the Slovakian language, PRESTIGEenterprise is now available in 17 language versions and is perfectly suitable for internationally active enterprises. In addition to European languages, the user interface can be adapted to Turkish, Greek, Russian and even Chinese.

New Template Designer

Icon: Neuer Vorlagendesigner

The web-based template designer has been completely overhauled and, effective immediately, not only allows for the positioning and change in size of fields, but also makes the complete configuration of templates for print and display possible.

Fields can be added, deleted, edited and formatted. The display order (front to back layering) is also easy to configure using the user interface. A further feature makes it possible to control data from PRESTIGEenterprise within templates using the preview function, before it is released for use by the system. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 and newer are supported for working with the PRESTIGEenterprise Designer.

Poster Folders for Standard Users

Icon: Plakatmappen

To provide standard users with a fixed working area for posters outside of the print container, poster folders may be created for individual stores and set up so that they may freely save, edit and delete posters in them. To prevent these from overflowing, limits may be set on the number of posters in folders.

Configuration of Product Fields

Icon: Configuration of Product Fields

The naming of database fields, the ordering and placement for edit ability, visibility etc. can now be defined outside the user interface using PRESTIGEenterprise-Import (XML). Much time can be saved with new installations or by the addition of new clients with the same settings.


External systems can make use of PRESTIGEenterprise's strength with the PRESTIGEenterprise  POS-DATA-Interface, by combining data from various sources and formats as well as bringing them together in an attractive layout. By using the programming interface (API), edited articles, new articles, available templates and much more can be requested from PRESTIGEenterprise. The API can deliver the XML data exchange format as well as JSON, and, of course, can provide store specific data, for example with regional pricing. The NotificationService exists as a special additional module. This sees to it that a message is sent to third party systems when changes occur. Continuous queries for changes fall to the wayside and minimize the load on existing data bandwidth and the central server.

Better assignment: Group-related content and templates

Images, videos and web content can be assigned to various user groups. This makes it possible, for example, to restrict access to different logos. Sales channels with the same stock list can easily be depicted within PRESTIGEenterprise. Content can be authorized either through the frontend or directly during import. Templates can be restricted to specifi c user groups in the same way as content, so particular templates can, for example, be made available only to the head offi ce, or to selected divisions or sales channels. User groups can be authorized either through the frontend or during import.

Notification Service

The PRESTIGEenterprise NotificationService is a Windows push service that informs systems, which are connected to PRESTIGEenterprise via the POS-Data-Interface, about changes to product data, for example. Especially with respect to ESL installations, continuous server requests via the ESL software are avoided and system resources are kept low.

The PRESTIGEenterprise NotificationService is arbitrarily scalable, whereby multiple PRESTIGEenterprise installations, or  instances, may be controlled simultaneously.

Configurable Base Price Rounding

The calculation of base prices is configurable for special cases. In this way it's possible to configure the rounding mode to "always round up", "always round down" or "commercial rounding". These can in addition be combined with further configurations of applicable decimal places. Decimal values may also be configured for special currencies, such as Germany 0-9, Switzerland 0 und 5, Russia 0.

Store-Dependent Prices and Product Descriptions

Your store will be individually supplied with store-dependent prices and product descriptions. Product data will be maintained for all stores alike as base data in PRESTIGEenterprise. All individual store dependent content, such as prices and / or product descriptions, are made available specifically for each store.


Through the new module of PRESTIGEenterprise text blocks, standardised, productis in the easier „upselling“ within the demanded product group. In addition, cost and spelling mistakes are avoided. Promotional features (the properties of the product group) are registered with each product group (segment). From these superordinate features, the individual properties can then be allocated to each item.
For example: features of the segment washing machine: Way of loading, capacity, RPM, energy effi cency class, time of warenty. The article washing machine „Miel W5963 WPS“ has the following features: front, 8 kg, 1600 RPM, A, 24 month. The server module text blocks an additional module.

Easy logo connection

By linking (manufacturer) logos to the appropriate product during automatic image import in PRESTIGEenterprise, updates and changes to logos can now be carried out quickly and easily. Simply upload the newest logo, and all articles assigned to this logo will immediately be displayed with the new one. To this end, while importing an article, the image filename (with no extension) must simply be entered into any article symbol field in the PAK file. When an image is automatically imported, any image files with the same name will overwrite older versions in PRESTIGEenterprise.

Advertising success controls

Which of the advertised articles have sold best? This function offers you the possibility to control the success of your pricing and advertising communication at the POS.

Opening times: can be flexibly designed

Icon Opening times

In order to save energy, the „Opening times“ function, which can be customized in more detail, has emerged from the „Night mode“ function. It is now possible to configure switch-on andswitch-off times for the screens separately for each day of the week. As usual in PRESTIGEenterprise, there are default settings as well as the option of defining exceptions, for example for columns or screens in window display areas.


Free browser choice

Benefit from being able to use all modulesand applications from PRESTIGEenterprise fast and comfortable independent of platform.
Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, you have the choice. But you also can work
in “mixed” ways.

Item search

Searching for items or item details in the poster folders is now quite simple. The searched-for term is entered in the new “Item” field. The result is a filtered poster folder list, which only displays the posters which contain the wanted term.

Special Character Transfer

Create templates including text in other languages, even using special characters, such as Arabic or Chinese. These can be independently imported into PRESTIGEenterprise from the server’s language setting.