New! PRESTIGEenterprise 5.0

The new version 5.0 of the software platform PRESTIGEenterprise remains true to its brand essence and continues to set its emphasis in software development on simplicity and process optimisation. To make the software, which can be used quite versatilely as a communications platform for multimedia communication with customers at the point of sale for digital as well as for printed media, even more customer friendly, the modularity of the many functions was worked upon further. 

In particular the PRESTIGEenterprise Designer design tool was considerably enhanced to create templates. Its international applicability has stepped forward with Slovakian as the seventeenth language variant.

The most important new feature is the standardised PRESTIGEenterprise programming interface (Application Programming Interface API). This fulfills growing customer desires for individuality and customisation of standard software, so that all future requirements can be implemented quickly and easily.

PRESTIGEenterprise API (Application Program Interface)

Icon Api

Direct access to PRESTIGEenterprise data and functions is possible with the programming interface (API - Application Program Interface). This data can be provided to third party providers, for example to create their own Web applications with customer-specific user interfaces. In this manner targeted, individual workflows or features can be singled out to allow store employees the ability to simply and efficiently implement local advertisements.


Icon: Sprachen Slowakisch

With the Slovakian language, PRESTIGEenterprise is now available in 17 language versions and is perfectly suitable for internationally active enterprises. In addition to European languages, the user interface can be adapted to Turkish, Greek, Russian and even Chinese.

New Template Designer

Icon: Neuer Vorlagendesigner

The web-based template designer has been completely overhauled and, effective immediately, not only allows for the positioning and change in size of fields, but also makes the complete configuration of templates for print and display possible.

Fields can be added, deleted, edited and formatted. The display order (front to back layering) is also easy to configure using the user interface. A further feature makes it possible to control data from PRESTIGEenterprise within templates using the preview function, before it is released for use by the system. The latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 9 and newer are supported for working with the PRESTIGEenterprise Designer.

XML Import

Icon: XML Import

To allow for external systems (ad planners, campaign manager, etc.) to undertake exact planning or to edit playlists, PRESTIGEenterprise importer was extended with an XML-Playlist importer. The importer supports all features that are accessible via the user interface. This means distributing playlists or complete groups to various DisplayEngines, create serial schedules, apply changes, and even delete playlists and schedules. Complete control via XML is possible in this manner. Of course, XSL pre-transformations are offered for special formats so that connections to control systems via configuration settings can be detached.

Poster Folders for Standard Users

Icon: Plakatmappen

To provide standard users with a fixed working area for posters outside of the print container, poster folders may be created for individual stores and set up so that they may freely save, edit and delete posters in them. To prevent these from overflowing, limits may be set on the number of posters in folders.

Configuration of Product Fields

Icon: Configuration of Product Fields

The naming of database fields, the ordering and placement for edit ability, visibility etc. can now be defined outside the user interface using PRESTIGEenterprise-Import (XML). Much time can be saved with new installations or by the addition of new clients with the same settings.