Classical meets Innovation

Achieve interesting and perfect sales pitches by combining traditional, attractive posters with innovative digital. In the last 10 years new sales concepts using the distribution of new media have become well-established. In the age of globalization these new media play an ever growing role in marketing communication.

Online Software AG offers innovative software solutions for marketing and price communication at the POS - for print and digital media. This section will show you how these new media types can be used for marketing - in particular for sales.

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Multiformat Print

Traditionally attractive price marking and advertisement

Print media - from small price tags on the shelf to in-depth product and promotional information to emotion-inducing large screen displays, they all have their place at the PoS – traditional price tagging and attractive product display.

Print media’s strenghts at the PoS

  • To inform and advertise
  • Attention-getting
  • Flexibility of format, size, and design
  • Deployable at any time and anywhere in the store

Digital Signage

Explore Digital Signage with all its possibilities

The term Digial Signage (“Digital labeling”) describes the use of digital media content with advertisement and information systems, such as electronic posters, instore marketing, digital kiosk systems, or large screen projections.

New possibilities using digital communication at the PoS

  • Increases the customer’s length of stay
  • Presents the retailer as an innovative entrepreneur
  • Capable of not only informing the customer but also of entertaining and eliciting emotions