PRESTIGEenterprise Apps

PRESTIGEenterprise offers you the chance to make your customer communication mobile.

  • For traders

    PRESTIGE MobileBrowser for traders to more comfortable and mobile working.

    Generate posters and screen programs but simply where you stand and walk - very comfortable with your existing MDE or smartphone. This means short ways for posters and logistics fast, easy update of your store TV program for you.

    Advantages of mobile marketing

    • Quick response to changes, for example of prices or offers
    • Easy management of customer communication
    • Process-oriented work
    • Minimization of travel times
    • Work locally instead from your desk

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  • For your customers

    PRESTIGE App Toolkit - One-to-one communication over the phone the shopper.

    Offer your customers more! More consultation, more information, more service - with the app services from PRESTIGE primarily appeal to your premium customers and attracting new young audiences. You can complete your store communication with mobile marketing. Compared to in-store TV screens fixed to provide you with mobile marketing customer service at every point of your store.

    Benefits of Mobile Customer Service

    • Advertise Inexpensive
    • Custom branding
    • Modern speech
    • Greater customer loyalty Customer Service for more
    • Targeted More information
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