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Commercial studies have proved that an increase of 14 per cent is possible simply through the use of pictures on posters, and even a 21 per cent sales increase by means of brand animations and videos in the form of Instore TV, also on flat screens. The application possibilities of Instore TV are diverse. But regardless of whether it is used behind the cheese counter, at the till or in the changing room area, three things are important for Instore TV: The correct placement in a waiting zone area, its content and the latter’s topicality. Instore TV should be perceived by customers as pleasant entertainment – only then does the customer receive the advertising messages in a subconsciously positive stance.  

The PRESTIGE digital signage software supports you in the process of designing and distributing your Instore TV program with simple-to-use tools and intuitive usage. Only in this manner can it be guaranteed that current changes can be implemented fast in Instore TV and that the Instore TV program is always up-to-date and of interest. Increase sales with emotionally appealing promotional films on monitors displayed in the immediate vicinity of the product being advertised. Inform your customers, for example, about your wine assortment with a built-in monitor in the wine shelf. Support impulse buying by e.g. for leather jacket sales informing about important care products on the cashier monitor. PRESTIGEenterprise offers many possibilities to implement your desires and ideas.  

Besides this, PRESTIGEenterprise makes it possible to run Instore TV in a network of several hundred presentation systems with individual programs. In this way, general content can run on all monitors in the entire network on the other hand, whilst specific monitors can display their own program content, e.g. content that has been customised to a specific region.