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A mobile service that impresses.

One-to-one communication through the shopper’s smartphone.

Offer your customers more! More advice, more information, more service – with PRESTIGE App services, you can address your premium customers in particular. Show that you understand your customers’ needs, and that you are reacting to the increased demand for advice.

Make your mark. Whether it is a mobile wine advisor, a spice primer or information on food additives, the PRESTIGE App services offers you one of the most innovative means of communicating with customers, and allows you to win the tech-savvy digital natives over straight away.

Data management challenge

Use information that is already in your system. The new mobile services work with PRESTIGE and access centrally maintained databases. This allows you to make the most up-to-date information available to your customers at all times.

Benefits and advantages

  • Individual: your own app with your own advertising design
  • Sales-promoting: powerful additional information adds value for target groups
  • Informative: provide topic-specific pointers, tips, information and reports
  • Mobile: become your customers’ constant companion.


KIM app: test the building blocks

Download our KIM app from the App Store and test all the building blocks live.

For queries, please call our free info line on +49 800 0009988, or request more information at info@online-software-ag.de.

KIM App at the App Store ...

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Basic App Blocks

Icon offers


Your current store flyer online.

Icon Spice primer

Spice primer

Description of all common spices and herbs.

Icon Cheese ABC

Cheese ABC

Description of various cheeses and typical terms in connection with cheese.

Icon Ingredients


Which food additives are behind the numbers on the products.

Icon stores


The store finder into your neighborhood with address, phone number and opening times.

Icon world of chocolate

World of chocolate

Chocolate ABC / chocolate fallot / history chocolate / chocolate recipes / crafts & decoration.

More App Blocks

Icon Shopping List

Shopping List

Product entry through the scanning of empty packaging production or manually; forwarding by e-mail, change of quantities and simply deleting listed products.

Icon Wine Consultant

Wine Consultant

Wine expertise with wine description, origin, storage and serving temperature by scanning the wine bottle. Furthermore, listing the products have already been scanned.

Icon Recipes


The chef recommendation of the week including ingredients list and transfer option on the shopping list.

Icon product info

Product Info

Additional information about the scanned product brand.

Icon Daily Food

Daily Food

Description of the current day food including price for merchants with restaurants.

Icon Events


Notes on special promotions, description, location, time.

Icon Fairtrade ABC

Fairtrade ABC

What is Fairtrade? How does Fairtrade works? What Fairtrade products are available? This app module provides information about the Fairtrade and Fairtrade products.

Icon Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Various fun and educational games for big and little kids.