Multiformat Printing

Advertisements on poster, labels, billboards etc.

Multiformat printing poster printing

PRESTIGE software supports the daily compilation and administration of your marketing messages in the form of shelf labels, shelf stoppers, posters and billboards up to a size of DIN A0.

PRESTIGE offers easy layout design with various fonts, static or dynamic images, pictures in various PC graphic formats, and various bar code types.

Your advantage

  • Flexibility for the main office and subsidiaries
    Layouts, content, and pictures can be centrally defined and distributed to subsidiaries via FTP or Intranet, or can be downloaded by subsidiaries at their convenience.
  • Complete automation
    All steps, from data import to print i.e. output to electronic displays, are capable of being automated.
  • Advertisement must be quick and simple
    PRESTIGE is completely integrated in the daily business of a subsidiary. Weekly advertisements as well as short-term labeling of promotional items can be generated quickly and easily by means of an intuitive user interface with ready-to-be-used templates in the respective commerce layout.
  • Controlling regional content centrally
    PRESTIGE offers a special functionality for exporting defined formats and layouts allowing you to centrally control the appearance of your advertising material. Subsidiaries can receive the data automatically or by accessing it manually.
  • ERP integration
    Complete integration in return transfer processes, e.g. central marketing databases or ERP systems (for example, CSB-System, DEWAS III, EBUSwin, MHS/ECORO or SAP Retail).